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Recently, Luneng Taishan Football Club and Sao Paulo Football Club of Brazil reached a strategic cooperation agreement, and the formal contract has been signed. The two sides agreed, each other is the only partner in the league country of the other side. Both sides will start all-round cooperation, focusing on the fields of professional management of club, business development, young player cultivation, knowledge and experience exchange of the coaching team. The move is aimed at promoting club international cooperation and youth training management, build a scientific youth training development and construction mode, and lay the foundation for the construction of the benign development of the team.

Prior to this, Luneng Club sent a special visiting group to Brazil to investigate the local youth training development, and made preliminary communication with the SPFC. Subsequently, after several in-depth dialogue, Luneng Club and the SPFC gradually reached an agreement, formed a friendly cooperation framework. The SPFC president Juvenal Juvencio said, hope that through cooperation with the Chinese professional club, to promote the China football especially youth football development, attract more Chinese children participating in football, enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Sao Paulo Football Club, located in Sao Paulo city, an economic and financial center of Brazil, is the strongest and most outstanding of the top clubs in Brazil, is one of the world's greatest clubs in the twenty-first Century. Since its inception in 1935, the SPFC made great successes. It is the only Brazilian team winning three times title of the Libertadores cup and the Club World Cup. It is also the only team winning three successive times of the Brazil League title. What’s more, it is the club winning the most titles in the Brazilian football history. The SPFC also built the largest private stadium Morumbi stadium in Brazil. And the club has built the Sao Paulo training center, the athlete formation center, is the first Brazilian club to erect the concept of "support sports development with infrastructure".

The youth training camp of the SPFC is President Laudo Natel Athlete Formationi Center (CENTRO DE FORMACAO DE ATLETAS PRESIDENTE LAUDO NATEL), founded in July 16, 2005 by the then president of the club Marcello, located in Cotia city, 30 km away from the city of Sao Paulo. The geographical and natural location is excellent, and it is a fully functional, with comfortable environment, makes it the football training base in young player’s dream. In less than ten years, the training center has made outstanding achievements, brought up famous players like Kaka, Breno, Hernanes, Jean, Casimiro, Lucas and others.

In this cooperation, Luneng Club will utilize the youth training experience of the SPFC to transform and upgrade Luneng youth training system comprehensively. According to the agreement, the SPFC will send complete management guidance team and youth training coach team to Luneng Club, including the academy general director, the youth training analyst, the fitness coach, goalkeeper coach, therapist and scout, etc., to cooperate with the development of young training. Among them, the academy general director Sergio Suarez, who has been coaching the San Andrea, Brugi, SPFC and other professional clubs, has rich experience of youth training. He is the SPFC U20 head coach now. At the same time, they will also communicate with Luneng Club youth training management and coaching teams, transmit the selection, cultivation and evaluation knowledge, and give advice and guidance about physical training, physical therapy, psychology and dietitian. The youth training coaching team of Luneng Club will also regularly go to the SPFC to have on-field training and communication.

In the training of young players, the integrated training mode is adopted. Young players from Luneng Club U14, U15, U16 and U17 teams are elected by the SPFC, and are integrated into the corresponding ages of the SPFC echelon to train together, receive the same instructions and enjoy the same medical service, food, accommodation and training facilities. So that the young players have intuitive understanding of their own shortcomings and weaknesses, directly involve in the advanced technical and tactical trainings, integrate into the tactical team rapidly, and improve their technology, consciousness and comprehensive quality.

A youth training group sent by the SPFC will arrive in Shandong in early January 2014, and then they will carry out the comprehensive work of youth training together with Luneng club.

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